Re-manufactured Engine Sales
Specializing in Automotive and Marine Engines


Cylinder Head Re-manufacturing

Cylinder head machining and assembly equipment provides “better than new” cylinder head re-manufacturing.


Cylinder Boring and Honing

Equipment to bore and finish hone cylinders for automotive, marine, agricultural, industrial.


Flywheel Resurfacing

Provides a flat, machined surface for your new clutch disc to seat to, thereby preventing premature wear.

Stud and Spark Plug Removal
Removal of broken studs and spark plugs, repair of damaged threads or installation of heli-coils as required

Degreasing Service

Caustic soda degreasing tank and high temperature, pressurized non-toxic cleaning.

Grease Monkey Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank provides incredible cleaning results fast and solvent free.

Fuel Injector Testing and Cleaning

Facilities to test and clean both throttle body and multiport fuel injectors.


Brake Drum and Rotor Refinishing

Professional quality Ammco drum and rotor lathe for precision machining.

Pressure Washer Repair and Maintenance Service

We service all makes and models of gas, diesel, electric, hot and cold water pressure washers.

Other Services
Hydraulic Hose Repair and Manufacturing - Complete Press Operations - Exhaust Manifold Resurfacing

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