Company History

With over 74 years in business, Parry Automotive has become a name you can trust when looking for automotive parts and engine rebuilding/machine shop services.  

Founded in 1948 by husband and wife - John and Edith Parry, the company was later purchased by Peter Van Kessel in the 1970’s.

Following many years of development and success under the helm of Peter, the company was eventually sold to his children, Susan Peacock and Steve Van Kessel.  They continued to lead and grow Parry Automotive, while ensuring its status as a trusted member in both the local community and the automotive aftermarket industry.  

In December of 2021, Ideal Supply purchased Parry Automotive.  In doing so, it became their 32nd branch location.

Ideal Supply has the distinction of being the largest Napa Auto Parts Independent Distributor in Canada.